Telecommunication Division of Indus Resources Integrates Consulting, Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Project Management capabilities to generate value-engineered solutions for our clients in the field of “Telecommunication-Infrastructure & Site Development” for GSM-BTS & MSC Sites, Fiber-Optic Long-Haul OADM & OLA Sites, Data Center Facilities, NOC & POP sites, Central Office (CO) Facilities etc.  Our Experts in this division have a vast experience in Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Integrated Building Management Systems (IBMS) for Internal & External Communication, Security & Surveillance, Access Control, Process and Hazard Alarms for a broad range of applications.

Services for this Sector are : 

Telecommunication Infrastructure & Site Development:

  • Complete Project Management
  • Green field & In-building Sites, (Design & Construction Services)
  • Equipment Shelter Design, Supply & Installation
  • Infrastructure Layout Designs for Green-field Sites
  • Equipment Rack Layout design for Equipment Shelters, Data Centers and NOCs etc.
  • Telecom Sites, Data-Centers,  Equipment Shelter’s Power Design & Installation Services
    1. AC Power System (Utility, Back-up & Emergency Power through Generators & UPS)
    2. DC Power System (CSR-Customer Requirement Study, Engineering & Installation)
  • Telecom & Power Cable Trays (Route Designs, Supply and Installation)
  • Raised Flooring for Equipment Room and Data Centers, NOCs & POPs
  •  HVAC & Fire Detection & Suppression Systems
  • Grounding & Lightning Protection Systems (Design, Supply & Installations)
    1. Low Impedance through proper design & GCEM
    2. External Lightning Protection (Air Terminals, Down-conductors & EGRs)
    3. Internal LP System using SPDs
  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning Services for IBMS Components
    1.  CCTV (Closed Circuit Television System)
    2.  ACS (Access Control System) & IAS (Intelligent Access System)
    3. PAS (Public Address System) & (Passenger Address System)
    4. AMS (AttendanceManagement System) & VMS(VisitorManagement System)
    5. PMS (Parking Management System)
    6. TNS (Telephone Network System) & MMSS (Multi Media Service System)
    7. Copper & Fiber Structured Cabling for all kind of networks including FON (Fiber Optic Network)