Power Generation Systems

Electrical Engineering division of Indus Resources, has got the expertise in MV & LV Electrical installations, Instrumentation works & Control Cable Terminations for the whole Power Plant, up to 4 x 323MW (1292MW) including all mechanical works related to Cable Tray, Switchgears and Transformer Installations.

Complete Installation & Erection works for Power Plants up to 4 x323MW(1292MW)

  • Installation of  MV, LV, Controls & Instrumentation systems
  • Cable Terminations & Testing for boiler control panels, main control panels, marshalling boxes & field instruments along with cable ladders, cable trays fabrications&installations
  • Complete Internal&External Lighting System
  • Electrical Grounding & Lightning Protection System

a) System Studies, Design, Rectifications, Supply & Installation of complete Grounding & LP Systems
b) Complete analysis of premises for Step & Touch Potential Voltages
c) Threat analysis and risk assessment based on International Standards for Grounding & LP System
d) Investigation of Existing Systems to Identify and RectifyDeficiencies
e) Calculation of strike probability to transmission lines
f) Travelingwaves in transmission and distribution lines due to Lightning
e) Design and selection criteria of search protectors for distribution systems, spark over voltages of arresters etc.