water treatment plant



Canal Water Treatment Plant at PAF base Shahbaz-Jacobabad, a turn key project by So Safe Water Technologies

Following jobs done:

  • Complete Electrical Systems’ Consultancy provided
  • Designed & Developed  layouts for all Electrical Panels, MCCs , DBs, equipment and fixtures
  • Designed Main LT Panel, MCCs, DBs and produced Single Line diagrams for all of the switchgears
  • Supply and Installation of all LT Switch-gears (LT Panel, MCCs, DBs ect) including all incoming and outgoing power cable terminations
  • Developed Electrical  point drawings, fixture layout & wiring details for main RO plant building,Pump Room1, Pump Room2, Filter Room and all outside lighting of these premises.
  • Inside Electrical Layout of Pump Room 1 & 2 , RO plant building, Filter Room etc.
  • Supply and Installation of all electrical Installation material including switches, sockets, cable lugs, Powder coated Cable Ladders complete with brackets and hanging arrangements etc
  • Laying of cable in trenches and on cable ladders including the dressing of cable.
  • Soil Resistivity mapping of the Plant Site for designing a suitable grounding system
  • Design Supply and Installation of Electrical Grounding System for the whole plant using EGR (Electrolytic Grounding Rods) and GCEM (Ground Conductivity Enhancing Material)
  • Testing of Installed Grounding System using Fall of Potential method.

Client: So Safe Water Technologies