Following jobs done:

  •  Data Centre’s Layout Design including the portion with raised flooring and Design Supply & Installation of
    1. Power Distribution Panels
    2. UPS Sub Distribution Panel with bypass arrangement
    3.  Raised Flooring
    4.  Data and Power Cable Trays with power outlets on power cable trays
    5.  Power Cables laying and Terminations of all incoming and outgoing circuits etc.
  • Design , Supply and Installation of Electrical Grounding System ( < 1Ω) For The Harbour Front
  • Several Rectifications in Executive Tower LT Panels (ETA & ETB) with supply of material and cable laying
  • Provision of RAW Power Circuit for Engro Data Room
  • Wiring of Energy Analyzer Digital Meters  ( on different Locations), including the supply, laying & termination of 4 core 2.5 mm sq cable.
  • Detailed Designing of :
    1. Power Distribution Scheme ( Dolmen City Phase I & II)
    2.  Shopping Mall Distribution Panels (Dolmen City Phase II)
    3.  Shopping Mall Motor Control Centers
    4.  Food Court Distribution Panels & Motor Control Centers
  • Supply of Several LT Panels , Main & Sub-Distribution Panels, MCCs & Metering Panels
  • Supply of Power as well as Data Cables, 15kV- Cable Termination Kits, 11 kV CTs, Cable Lugs , Glands and various other  items used in electrical installations


Following jobs done:

  • Design, Supply and Installation of Electrical Grounding System for Generators (Five New Grounding Pits for Generator Neutral & Ground using Cu bonded Rods and GCEM)
  • Soil Resistivity Mapping of the Site, using four point Weiner method before designing the grounding system and then Testing the Installed Grounding System using Fall of Potential Method.
  • Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Frequency Inverters-Danfos
  • Various Rectification Jobs done in different LT / Distribution Panels
  • Supply of various Distribution Panels, Breaker Boxes, ATS Panel, Power Cable, Cable jointing Kits, Lugs, Cable Glands & other material used in electrical installations etc.

Client: Dolmen Group (ICPL  & Al Feroz)