hubco power plant



The Hub Power Plant consists of four generating units each rated at 323 MW gross output (Total 1292 MW). The design net available output is exported to national grid via the power station’s 500kv switchyard. The breakdown of the construction responsibilities included: Saudi Arabia’s Xenel, supported by France’s Campenon Bernard for the civil works, Japan’s Mitsui and IHI for the boilers, and Italy’s Ansaldo for the turbines and generators.

Following jobs done for Ansaldo Energia :

  • MV, LV & Control Cable Laying, Dressing, Tagging & Testing
  • Termination and testing of 6.6KV cables on all four units (Total no. of terminations = 567)
  • Termination and Testing of LV cables
  • Termination and Testing of control cables for
    1. Marshalling boxes (all 4 units)
    2. Boiler Control Panels (all 4 units)
    3. Main Control Panels (Mimic Boards)
    4. Field instruments
  • Supply of Electrical Installation Material for power plant

Following jobs done for Campenon Bernard, Daelim & Keller:

  • Supplied all Field Electrical Distribution Panels for the whole construction side
  • Design and Supply of  Load Banks for Generators
  • Supplied Cables & all Electrical installation material including cable joints etc.
  • Supply and Installation of fire suppression system / fire hydrant system for Fuel Storage
  • Design and Supply of Field MCCs & Distribution Panels for De-watering Pumps
  • Supplied  all Distribution Panels for HUBCO Township/ Residential area
  • Developed & Supplied Special Street Lights and Hot dip Galvanized Poles for the Township.
  • Repair and Maintenance of all Site Pumps and Motors including the special motor of Chimney Crane used  for the construction of Pakistan  tallest concrete structure in Pakistan with a height of 200 meters.


Client: Ansaldo Energia of Italy / Campenon Bernard of France / Daelim of Korea / Keller of Germany